Universe Sandbox 2 for Mac

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The universe is in your hands again

Universe Sandbox 2 is a space simulator that can be downloaded for Mac. It is currently at the Early Access stage, meaning that the game is incomplete.

Universe Sandbox 2 is a highly recommended game if you are fascinated by space or astrophysics. You do not have a fixed mission in this game. As its name implies, the universe, the cosmos, the infinite! is at your disposal: you can have fun creating universes, playing with existing ones or unleashing chaos.

Play with the cosmos

The universes and all their components (planets, comets, stars...) behave in a realistic way. Make a minimum alteration to the oscillation of a moon with respect to its planet and you might cause a catastrophe of cosmic proportions. In this sense, it is fun to use Universe Sandbox 2 to "alter" our galaxy and see what happens.

In Steam we can find user reviews, such as: "I love it. I shall destroy humanity over and over", or "It's amazing to see all the tools that the universe has to get rid of us".

The rhythm at which the developers are updating Universe Sandbox 2 is fascinating. New monthly updates not only add new contents but also solve many of the problems detected by the game community.

Should you already buy Universe Sandbox 2?

That depends. You should take into account that the game is unfinished. You will run into some bugs, and a lot of content is missing. The good news is that Universe Sandbox 2 works seamlessly in most computers.

If you want to play with the universe and you do not mind that Universe Sandbox 2 is unfinished, then go ahead. But if you prefer to wait until the product is more complete, or you do not like to play without a fixed goal, then we recommend that, for now, you look for another way to destroy the universe.

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Universe Sandbox 2 for Mac

  • Paid
  • In English
  • 4.4
  • (143)
  • Security Status

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