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An excellent space simulator!

Universe Sandbox 2 is a popular strategy game space simulator for Windows PCs. With regular updates, the developers keep improving visuals and graphics. In this learning-based game, you can have interactions with different worlds in the Universe, and even create new ones as per your imagination. If you’re fascinated by the concepts of astrophysics and space, this will be an excellent choice. There’s no fixed mission or battle, and you need to create fun universes, explore existing ones, enjoy the views, or unleash chaos. With endless possibilities, Universe Sandbox 2 keeps you occupied for an extended duration of time.

Create multiple universes with realistic visuals!

Universe Sandbox 2 is an easy-to-play space simulation video game. It allows you to arrange stars and planets, alter the rules of physics, and play around with various properties of the expansive Universe. Compared to its predecessor, this game comes with new features and graphics. While it’s popular among people interested in astrophysics, it has become a great learning tool for students.

As such, judging Universe Sandbox 2 as a game is unfair. It doesn’t come with power-ups, levels, bosses, battles, or objectives. Based on the Sandbox model, much like Minecraft and Roblox, this space simulator focuses on providing you with a fun learning experience.

The primary objective of the game is simple and straightforward. You need to place rocks in space and play around with physical properties, such as density, mass, velocity, and more. In the game, gravity plays an important role, and lets you destroy stars, planets, and other objects in far-off galaxies.

What can you do in Universe Sandbox 2?

In simple terms, Universe Sandbox 2 allows you to create, destroy, and explore the beautiful and mysterious cosmos. In fact, you can explore the unimaginable scale of the universe right from your Windows laptop or desktop. Since the developers have ensured scientific accuracy, the gravity-focused simulator provides an awe-inspiring experience. Compared to other space simulators like Celestia and Kerbal Space Program, this one is easier to navigate.

Universe Sandbox 2 provides you with unlimited freedom and power. Therefore, it lets you create and explore realistic as well as fantastical scenarios in space. For instance, you can destroy huge planets with lasers, fly through different solar systems, and hurl around Saturn’s rings within a few clicks. Similarly, you can create new worlds with mysterious planets and moons, or explore neighboring galaxies.

Whether you want to stand close to the Sun, travel across the galaxy, destroy asteroids, or put more moons in orbit around the Earth, Universe Sandbox 2 provides you with endless possibilities. All you need is creativity and imagination to keep playing the game for hours in one go. Since the desktop version supports cross-platform synchronization, you can play Universe Sandbox 2 on multiple devices. Most importantly, it provides support for VR mode, which enhances your experience.

Does Universe Sandbox 2 have good visuals?

Compared to Solar System 3D Simulator, Universe Sandbox 2 runs smoothly. In fact, the graphics are detailed and fine-tuned. The simulator shows realistic visuals, whether you explore lava on a planet’s surface or an explosion in space. Since Universe Sandbox 2 is a lightweight download, it doesn’t affect system resources. However, you may have to bear occasional lags or crashes.

In the first look, Universe Sandbox 2 seems silly, mindless, and funny. All you can do is create giant black holes, massive explosions, and explore the universe. In reality, the game focuses on vast information about the mysteries of the universe and lets you learn about the cosmos. In order to create a well-functioning galaxy, you need ample interest in astrophysics. It’s a challenge you encounter at every step in the game.

While the game has limited configuration options, the space simulator provides you with several modification options. It allows you to customize time and space. It’s worth mentioning that a small number of modifications don’t work as intended. Though these errors and fixes can be annoying, they aren’t a dealbreaker.

If you’re interested in a typical game, you’re probably looking for something else. As mentioned earlier, this version of the game doesn’t include anything to rise up to the level of a true strategy game. For instance, there aren’t any battles, plots, or characters. Without real objectives, Universe Sandbox 2 acts as a simulator, leaving everything up to your imagination.

Without a doubt, the game focuses on a true sandbox adventure. It provides you with access to a wide range of tools. When you compare Universe Sandbox 2 with Age of Empires or Brawl Stars, you realize the point of a simulation experience. It’s not just a game, but an overall learning experience to understand the concepts of astrophysics.

If you’ve always been fascinated by the idea of building model galaxies and solar systems or studying collisions and climate in space, this game will provide you with hours of fun and enjoyment. With the various features, you can explore the mysteries of the universe without leaving your home. Since the engine works smoothly, the game can be used on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and other devices. It’s the perfect choice for learning more about space.

The perfect choice among strategy games!

In Universe Sandbox 2, the universe and various components, including stars, planets, and comets, behave in a realistic manner. However, you can use creativity and imagination to bend the rules of physics and create new worlds. From a learning standpoint, it’s an excellent space simulator. Universe Sandbox 2 lets you explore the far reaches of the universe right from your computer.

It’s worth mentioning that Universe Sandbox 2 isn’t a typical game. Therefore, if you’re looking to just play around with certain on-screen elements, you should look for an alternative. But if you’re interested in learning, watching the stunning beauty of the universe, and creating objects from imagination, this will be an excellent choice - one that is appreciated by the entire astrophysics community.


  • Create multiple universes
  • Realistic visuals
  • Strong community
  • Regular updates


  • Occasional bugs

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Universe Sandbox 2 for PC

  • Paid
  • In English
  • V 28.1
  • 4.2
  • (2939)
  • Security Status

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